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Although rare, Wyatt Ranches occasionally has available acreage for hunting or recreational leases.  These hunting leases average 7,000 acres in size.  Some leased acreage contains more than 20,000 acres; however, the minimal amount for a hunting or recreational lease may not be less than 5,000 acres (unless otherwise authorized by our Board).  If a portion of a division is available for lease, or a ranch within a division is available for lease, said acreage is required to be posted herein for a minimum of 30 days before any agreement may be signed.  This Board Directive may be accomplished by written posting or by video presentation on this website. Use the CONTACT US link to make further inquiries.

A portion of one of the eight ranches that comprises the Los Robles Division is available for lease.

A portion of the Los Suenos de Los Robles Ranch at this division has been posted.  The portion available for a recreational hunting lease is approximately 5,100 acres.  Interested parties should read the caption at the heading of this page. 

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  Available Hunting Recreational Lease Acreage