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Bradford Wyatt   Brad Wyatt, Administrator of Wyatt Ranches
"Building on Tradition...Riding for the Brand"
    Established in 1965 and headquartered in Texas, Wyatt Ranches owns and operates an assimilation of cattle ranching divisions in Colorado, South Texas, and West Texas. Since their inception in South Texas some 60 years ago, Wyatt Ranches was built upon the central focus of having a successful and productive commercial and specialty livestock operation - and to do so in a safe manner at all properties and divisions.  From the gatekeepers, vaqueros, and foremen...to the administrative staff and business advisors, our tenured associates have afforded the Ranches an opportunity for sustained growth and continued success, all while staying true to the tested traditions of cattle ranching.  
     Wyatt Ranches is proud of our associates - and we constantly strive to acknowledge their loyalty and their daily dedication.  The Ranches are proud to provide our co-workers with some of the best working tools, such as: the most modern and electronically-advanced trucks; well-trained and prepped equestrian animal units complimented with custom-made saddles and tack; modern heavy equipment; next-gen farm tractors; the latest trailering equipment; automated livestock handling equipment; modern life-safety devices; and countless power tools for the working convenience of a commercial cattleman.  We believe a person is a product of his or her work environment.  With this in mind, we strive to provide our co-workers with some of the best workplaces to report to each morning...no matter whether they "ride for the brand" at one of the administrative offices, or at one of the ranching divisions located in eight different counties.  
    We take great pride in our associates' daily accomplishments, and we make every effort to acknowledge their performance and skill.  We encourage their participation in community engagement and involve them at every level of the Ranches' actions in benevolence to others.  After all, these steadfast and loyal associates, some of which with over thirty years of service, are a genuine and tested source of pride for Wyatt Ranches. As a tenured vaquero at the Tres Vidas Division said after a long day's round-up, "Nuestro 0rgullo es...nuestra gente"  - Our pride is...our people.   

Photo by Ryan Crowell (Vaqueros at Las Ruinas Before Almuerzo) for Ford Motor Company