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Although not very often, Wyatt Ranches may occasionally release acreage for game hunting through a recreational outdoor activity lease.  These recreational leases average 7,000 acres in size.  The minimum amount of acreage for a hunting or recreational lease is 5,000 acres (unless otherwise authorized by the Board of Directors) and the maximum amount of acreage is 20,000 acres.  If a portion of a division is available for lease, or if a ranch within a division is available for lease, the offering must post electronically for a minimum of 30 days.  This Board Directive may be accomplished by posting on a outdoor recreational website or by video presentation herein.  To make further inquiries about recreational outdoor activity leases at the Ranches, navigate to the Contact Us tab above.  Further information regarding the presentation of an outdoor recreational activity lease is listed below.


This video presentation is an example of how a lease offering is posted by the Ranches.  Although this acreage is no longer available, this was the presentation used to introduce the recreational lease and offer the acreage for game hunting. At present, there is a potential for additional acreage to be released for recreational use.  If any additional acreage is released by the Board of Directors, the Ranches are required to post the listing in this electronic venue. 

  Available Hunting or Outdoor Recreational Lease Acreage